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Devon Tread 2 Shining

It still amazes me how much Devon have achieved since its establishment in 2010. Incredibly the company has only been in existence for three years and has managed to impact on a market principally dominated by Swiss watch brands. A few months ago I was fortunate enough to try on and review the fantastic Tread 1-F. This model was one of the later special edition releases. I really enjoyed wearing the timepiece and was captivated by its unique and rugged appearance. Other successful versions have included a seductive skeleton version and probably my personal favourite the phenomenal Steampunk.


Although I absolutely love the Tread One I can understand why it will only appeal to a very small demographic. With its huge dimensions and a price tag of nearly $20,000 most buyers may decide to play it safe by purchasing a Rolex, Omega or Breitling. The Tread 2 combats both these issues with a significantly reduced case size and retail price. Over the last few months I have been liaising with Devon’s managing director Ehren Bragg. His drive and determination to raise the company’s global profile is admirable. Presently they have attracted several celebrity clients and are widely regarded in the industry as a high-end luxury watchmaker.


There has been an enormous hype surrounding the release of the Tread 2. Due to the success of the Tread 1 the pressure has been incredibly high for Devon to produce another superb timepiece. On viewing the watch I can categorically confirm they have achieved this goal. As I mentioned previously the measurements have been downsized to a more modest 42mm x 44mm x 14.5mm. These proportions will ultimately attract a much larger pool of prospective buyers. Generally I found the watch really comfortable to wear and I didn’t experience any friction from the lugs. Primarily this was down to the innovative tonneau shape case and choice of 316L stainless steel in production. Impressively the timepiece weighs only 90 grams making it a very practical option for daily use.


Visually the Tread 2 is more classical than its larger predecessor. Essentially all the exciting characteristics remain the same but the façade has a more conventional appearance. As with the Tread 1 time is displayed on vertical and horizontal belts. I love the unique oversized crown and trigger system located on the side of the watch. Another sophisticated design feature is the eight exposed screws located on the bezel. Devon has also opted to use sapphire crystal on this model rather than polycarbonate. In my opinion this inclusion is an improvement and should make the timepiece more durable in the long term.


To power the watch, Devon has employed the same cutting edge technology used in the Tread 1. This process is controlled by a specialist micro-controller that transmits data to the corresponding belt. The belts are made from a strong flexible nylon adapted from airplane cockpits. Effectively they are operated on a calibrated teeth and pulley system. Functionally the Tread 2 features hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph and has a power reserve of up to eight weeks.


As well as the stylish Tread 2 Shining there are also three other striking versions to choose from appropriately named White Ceramic, Murder and Nightmare. Prices range from $9,950-10,950. Available to buy from Vendome (http://www.vendome.com.au).


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