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Devon Tread 1-F

Traditionally the watch market is dominated by Swiss brands with exquisite styling & mechanical movements using 200-year technology. In a world where Tourbillon & minute repeaters are more popular than ever before, is there room for new technology? Enter Devon -a Californian based company making the huge claim they’ve re-invented the watch. The Tread 1 is the company’s first foray into the very competitive luxury watch market. Jason Wilbur, who was inspired by a custom motorcycle with numbers on the exposed belts of the bikes drive system, devised the original concept. From there on it was a collaborative design process between Scott Devon, Ehren Bragg (Managing Director) & Chief of Engineering, Jeff Stephenson.


Tread 1-F 7

My first impression of the watch was how large it actually looked. The Tread 1 measures a whopping 53.3mm x 19mm & the rectangular case makes it look deceptively larger. This really is a muscle bound watch that’s definitely not going to appeal to the faint hearted. Personally I love its brutish good looks & felt it was very comfortable to wear. This is down to the user-friendly design that’s devoid of lugs. Also the clever positioning of the super-size crown (that sits comfortably on the strap) didn’t protrude into my wrists at all. Although the Tread 1 could be worn on a daily basis it’s not waterproof. On that basis the company recommend it’s not suitable for showering or swimming.

Tread 1-F 4

Even though the Tread was initially launched in 2010 the model I viewed is a new release called the 1-F. Apparently only 15 pieces have been produced so far. There are currently 7 versions of the Tread ranging from A-F & including a special Steampunk edition. This particular model is constructed from DLC (diamond like carbon) coated 316 stainless steel & also features contrasting orange numbers on the black belts. The Crystal is made from Polycarbonate, which the company claims has bulletproof durability. In an ideal world I would have preferred the use of Sapphire Crystal because it’s scratch proof rather than just scratch resistant.

Tread 1-F 8

Basically without going into too much technical detail this is how the watch works-Four conveyor belts display hours minutes & seconds all controlled by tiny motors. Amazingly due to the integration of jeweled bearings no lubricant is required to operate the system. The display is pretty awesome & I was totally mesmerized by the moving belts. The great thing about the Tread 1 is that it operates in two modes, normal & silent. Silent is definitely preferable as the second belt is deactivated therefore reducing the noise. Also the other added bonus is the charge time increases from 72 hours to a massive two weeks. Other cool features include optical technology which memorises the time even when the watch is turned off. The Tread 1 also utilizes wireless induction to charge the lithium polymer battery.The Tread 1-F offers a myriad of groundbreaking technology & was clearly a stimulating experience to wear. Price $20,000


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