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Over the last few years the world of horology has dramatically changed. Brands have become a lot more daring and adventurous with their designs. Materials have also played an integral part in the present market. Certainly there has been an influx of new technology, with Apple’s phenomenal (Red Dot award winning) digital iWatch leading the way. However I still really like traditional mechanical timepieces because I feel they offer the consumer a more intuitive experience. Here are four wonderful watches that perfectly illustrate this point.

Remy Cruz Rebellion Sauvage

Remy Cruz

Remy Cruz is a small independent watchmaker with offices in both Belgium and Turkey. Passionate contemporary designer Mengu Evrensel established the company in 2007. His first and only creation so far is the fabulous and highly exclusive Rébellion Sauvage. This timepiece has a larger than average Grade 5 titanium case measuring 50mm x 40mm x 11.60mm. What makes this timepiece so enticing is the intricate handcrafted multi-layered façade. The dial has a wonderful 1700’s style “chartouché” dial pattern, which is accented in 18-karat gold. Other features include a black bezel, central revolving hour disc and bespoke brass minute/second hands. Powering the watch is a 35-jewel Swiss made mechanical self-winding movement.

Ralf Tech Torpedo 2015

Ralf Tech

Ralf Tech is a small independent watchmaker situated in La Garenne Colombes (Paris) France. The company is owned by Frank Huyghe and specializes in the production of mechanical dive watches. At Baselworld 2015 they unveiled their most distinctive and exclusive timepiece called the Torpedo 2015. With an oversized 316L stainless steel case measuring 47.5mm the watch is sure to make a bold statement. What makes this timepiece so interesting is the supreme three-dimensional façade, which is inspired by an elusive Spanish C3 submarine. The dial perfectly replicates the back of a Torpedo tube and has a really cool industrial appearance. Powering the watch is a Swiss made 24-jewel self-winding movement.

Lehmann Intemporal Tourbillon Platinum


Lehmann is a specialist brand that produces a range of high calibre precision timepieces. Since 2011 the company have manufactured their own watches in Schramberg (Black Forest) Germany. One of their most exclusive timepieces to date is the sensational Intemporal Tourbillon Platinum. This watch has a sublime handcrafted platinum case measuring 42mm x 13mm. What makes the timepiece so extraordinary is the marvellous rich blue open-heart dial. This characteristic works in perfect harmony with the raised rhodium-plated indexes. Other features include an offset hour/minute sub dial (located at 6 o’clock) and large aperture displaying the majestic tourbillon. Beneath the opulent exterior lies a 23-jewel mechanical self-winding movement.

Pita Carousel


Pita is an exciting small watchmaker situated in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. Self taught watchmaker Aniceto Jiménez Pita established the brand in 2009. Probably their most opulent timepiece to date is the wonderful Carousel. With a modest 40mm x 8mm case (available in 18-karat gold or platinum) the watch is designed to make a subtle statement. What makes this piece highly coveted is the exquisite part white skeletonized dial. This detail showcases the brilliant mechanical aspects of the watch. Time is displayed unconventionally via one central hand and in increments of 10 minutes. Beneath the luxurious façade lies a modified 25-jewel ETA 2678 mechanical self-winding movement.



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