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MB & F Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang

The wonderful thing about the world of horology is that there are so many watchmakers breathing life into the industry. Not only does this make it exciting for the consumer but also stimulating for a watch writer. Although I try to stay impartial there are brands I naturally gravitate towards. I would definitely include MB & F in this category for their progressive thinking and innovative design skills. Amongst their numerous achievements my personal favourite is the wonderful Horological Machine N°2. I featured this incredible timepiece last June in my article entitled XL Watches Part II. Nevertheless I would be delighted to wear any of the company’s sublime creations.


A few months ago Max Büsser informed me of the imminent release of a bold new limited edition timepiece. The whole objective of MB & F is to form alliances with many different watchmakers and designers. On that basis I anticipated the new model would be extra special and highly original. As promised I received a press release in late February announcing the arrival of the sensational Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang.


As a trained designer I have been captivated by various collaborations between watchmakers and artists. Recently I have featured some superb timepieces on Total Watch Reviews including Azimuth’s Battletank collection, Hajime Asaoka ‘Death Takes No Bribe’ and Montres Militaire MIL N°7104 Timothy John. All these watches are hand painted making every piece highly exclusive and individual. There are also a lot of designers now involved in the watch industry, which in my opinion is a real positive.


About a year ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the Legacy Machine N°1, which was a very stimulating experience. Not only does the watch look beautiful but it also felt very comfortable to wear. With dimensions measuring only 44mm x 16mm this model is one of MB & F’s smallest and most classical looking timepieces to dates. On that basis I can understand why it was so attractive to serious collectors. It also has two completely independent dials operated by one regulator.


The Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang shares all the same characteristics as the Legacy Machine N°1 apart from one special ingredient. In replacement for the Cobra like vertical power reserve the company have commissioned artist Xia Hang to design a three-dimensional sculpture. This scaled down model known as Mr. Comma is constructed from polished aluminium and measures only 4mm in height. When the power reserve is high the figure is upright and when low in a slumped position. An ingenious concealed mechanical hinge operates this amazing piece of performance art.


The Legacy Machine N°1 Xia Hang is available in 18 Karat white or red gold and limited to only 12 pieces (of each). Priced for the connoisseur at: $107,000.

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