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Urwerk EMC

It is always a delight for a watch writer to hear of a new arrival from Urwerk. Since I last wrote about the exquisite UR-110 PTH, Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei have been very busy creating another masterpiece. The timepiece in question is called the EMC. This revolutionary watch combines the precision of  Swiss mechanics with a state of the art micro generator. Principally the result is a highly durable and accurate timepiece. Essentially the watch’s computer differentiates between the timing rate of the movement and that of the reference oscillator. This allows the recipient the opportunity of gaging how many seconds the timepiece has lost or gained on a daily basis. The owner can also adjust the watch to achieve the optimum chronometric performance.


Like all other Urwerk creations the idea starts at the drawing board with meticulous visuals. Looking at Martin Frei’s detailed sketches I am amazed how closely it relates to the actual timepiece. This is testament to his extraordinary vision and exceptional design skills. Once these drawings are refined to Felix’s and Martin’s satisfaction; the technical elements of the watch are established. Apparently the EMC has been a culmination of six years extensive research and development.


Dimensionally the timepiece measures an imposing 51mm x 43mm x 15.8mm. Earlier this year I reviewed both the UR-110 and the UR-202. These two watches display similar proportions and felt unbelievably comfortable to wear. This was primarily down to the original styling and use of high quality material in production. On that basis I am sure the EMC will also balance perfectly on the wrist. Clearly this piece will only appeal to a small niche market due to its radical looks and exclusive price tag. This watch is definitely marketed at the discerning collector and probably will only be reserved for very special occasions. I can just imagine how uber-cool this sublime timepiece would look if worn under a dinner suit to a private party.


To arrive at a cohesive design Martin Frei has incorporated various elements. For instance the crank is reminiscent of old SLR cameras and the balance wheel is inspired by the styling of vintage 1/4 inch tape reels. The façade of the EMC is composed of four separate sub dials, which display hours/minutes, seconds, power reserve indicator and a precision indicator (with a range of -20 to + 20 seconds per day). Overall the composition is supreme and epitomizes everything that is great about Urwerk. Other impressive features include the ergonomically designed crown (positioned at the bottom of the watch) and the sleek satin finished steel/titanium case.


The two engines powering the EMC are the UR-EMC calibre and Maxon® generator. The mechanical element has been entirely devised, constructed and assembled by Urwerk in Geneva, Switzerland. This incredible manual winding movement oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and delivers a power reserve of 80 hours. A micro generator controls the computer component and all data is transferred via an optical reader. This cutting edge technology is reactive against any shocks and variances in temperature.


The magnificent EMC is a limited edition of 55 and is priced around $120,000.

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