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Style On A Budget

The really exciting thing about the world of horology at present is the sheer variety of amazing timepieces available. No longer is good design exclusively restricted to just the wealthy. There are elegant watches available at all budget levels. Ultimately there is no longer the need to buy a replica when you can purchase an original creation. Here are five stylish watches priced under the $1000 threshold.

Bomberg 1968


Bomberg was established last year (2012) in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The company primarily consists of a group of individuals with extensive industry knowledge. I recently spoke to CEO Luis Rocha who explained the concept behind the brand was to produce stimulating watches at affordable prices. Presently there are three models available including the fantastic 1968. My favourite of these series of watches is the NS44CHSS.SI0.3.LBU featuring stainless steel with blue accents. The diameter of the case measures a respectable 44mm excluding the cleverly positioned crown and pushers. I love the sophisticated composition of the brushed metal dial with contrasting blue counters. The suggested retail price for this superb watch is $625.

Égard Watch Company Hunter Blue


Égard are an exciting new watch company that made their debut on the market in 2012. Based in Los Angeles the brand aims to combine cutting edge designs with traditional Swiss watchmaking. The Hunter Blue perfectly illustrates this point. With dimensions of 42mm x 40mm the measurements should appeal to a broad demographic. The dial is well conceived and has a three dimensional façade which gives the watch a sophisticated appearance. I personally like the bold roman numerals contrasting with the delicate blue hour and minute hands. The timepiece is equipped with a Swiss Sellita SW-220 26 jewel automatic movement. Ultimately this watch is exceptionally stylish and very well made. The timepiece is competitively priced at $899.

Terranaut XL 50MM Carbon Fiber 60 Chrome

XL 50MM Carbon Fiber 24 Black

Terranaut are innovative new watchmakers based in United Kingdom. The brand is the brainchild of forward thinking Dale Rollinson. In recent conversations with Dale it is clear that he is very ambitious about the development of the company on a global level. Presently they are only marketing one model-the stunning 50mm Carbon Fiber 60. The watch measures a substantial 50mm x 13.5mm and is constructed from 316L Steel. The ergonomic shape of the curved case is designed to make the timepiece feel comfortable to wear. Overall the composition is stylish and the carbon fiber dial gives the watch a sporty feel. Functionally the watch features hours, minutes, seconds, chronograph and a tachymetre facility. The suggested retail price for this watch is $400.

The New Nixie Watch Cathode Corner


I recently reviewed the old Nixie watch that I feel was a stimulating experience. Admittedly this idiosyncratic timepiece won’t appeal to everyone tastes especially those of a more conservative nature. The new design is certainly more polished and displays cleaner lines. In contrast to the older model the circuit board and battery are now hidden under the sleek aluminium case. Other new additions include a USB connector enabling the watch to be recharged. Owner David Forbes manufactures these timepieces on a part time basis and normally has many other projects running simultaneously. On that basis there is no definitive release date available yet. Estimated prices are between $500-$800 although that hasn’t been confirmed.

Deep Blue Bluetech Abyss II


New York based company Deep Blue specialises in the production of high quality divers watches including the impressive Bluetech Abyss II. Dimensionally this is a pretty formidable timepiece measuring a substantial 52mm x 18mm including the crown. The case and bracelet are constructed from 316L stainless steel. Under the robust exterior the timepiece is equipped with the reliable Swiss Eta 2824-2 movement. The dial is very distinctive and displays the XL large numerals with bold hour and minute hands. Other cool features are the inclusion of 52 tritium tubes allowing for better visibility in the dark. The watch is also water resistant to an impressive depth of 500m/1650 feet. Amazingly the price for this imposing watch is only $999.

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