Recently the editor of a highly prestigious London magazine asked me to write an article explaining what makes Swiss watches so special. I deliberated for quite a while before producing a feature showcasing the many innovations in design and technology available on the market. Principally the very existence of ateliers like Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey conclusively answers the question. Initially these two visionaries transform simple ideas into 3D simulations to eliminate many technical issues. The process then evolves into the prototype stage where mechanisms are scrupulously tested in the laboratory. From then on the timepieces are flawlessly finished & assembled by hand.


A few months ago I had the privilege of reviewing the magnificent Double Tourbillon Technique. These watches are incredibly rare so I was unbelievably excited to have the opportunity of wearing the absolutely sublime GMT. Every invention produced by Greubel Forsey has a meticulous amount of detail and this watch is no exception.


My first impression of the GMT was how astonishingly beautiful it looks. Even though this model has a smaller (43.50mm x 16.14mm) case than the DTT its majestic appearance makes it look larger. The timepiece itself was especially comfortable and lightweight to wear. This is probably down to the perfectly constructed and intuitive design. Realistically a creation of this magnitude wouldn’t be worn on a daily basis. I conceive this exclusive watch would only be adorned on very special occasions. Personally I can imagine how wonderful this piece would look with formal attire at a state function.


Essentially Greubel Forsey don’t just create watches they devise masterpieces. The GMT illustrates this point perfectly. Visually the dial displays a plethora of exquisite design features. The attention to detail is astonishing and the overall result is very cohesive. On the façade the composition consists of numerous overlapping discs and arcs including the splendid tourbillon. All these components are positioned on different levels creating a 3D architectural effect. I love the rotating globe with universal time display (located at 8 0’clock). It is completely mesmerising. Since my childhood days I’ve always been fascinated with the aesthetics of globes like so many other people. To find a timepiece incorporating this spherical marvel is mind blowing. Viewing the time on this objet d’art is a highly stimulating experience; one I’ll certainly cherish. All this perfection is encased in a choice of either luxurious red or white gold.


Underneath the sculpted asymmetrical exterior lies the highly accomplished Calibre GF05. This superlative 50 jewels mechanical complication comprises 436 hand crafted parts honoring the finest traditions in horology. The amazing tourbillon cage contains 87 parts alone. Functionally the GMT is very well equipped with hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve indicator and day/night indicator. The timepiece also features numerous time zones activated by a GMT pusher on the left hand side of the watch.


Ultimately the GMT is designed with serious collector/investor in mind and priced accordingly at: $603,000. (Available to purchase at J Farren Price: