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Modern Watch Materials

Up until recently watches were limited to a select choice of steel or precious metals. This has all changed with a new wave of creative talent experimenting with exciting new materials normally used in commercial industry. The results are bold, original & exceptionally innovative. Here are five timepieces that I feel illustrate this point perfectly.

Richard Mille RM 056 Filipe Massa Sapphire


Over the last few years Richard Mille has produced some phenomenal timepieces for the elite sportsman including the brilliant RM 056 Filipe Massa Sapphire. The case of the watch is entirely constructed from Sapphire Crystal involving over 1000 hours of machining. This laborious process is a culmination of years of research & development. Functionally the timepiece features a highly complicated tourbillon movement with split second mechanism.  The caliber RMCC1 comprises 35 Jewels & oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vph (3 Hz). This amazing watch measures an imposing 50.50 mm x 42.70 mm x 19.25 mm. Unfortunately this sublime creation will be limited to only five pieces.

Dzmitry Samal Concrete Watch


Dzmitry Samal produces a range of eclectic products for his company of the same name. In my opinion the most original & distinctive of his creations is the Concrete Watch. Concrete is a material normally associated with the construction industry. On that basis it is a really bold choice to be used in the development of a wristwatch. Ultimately the sharp architectural lines of the case are integral to the success of the design. With a diameter of 52mm excluding the crowns this is an exceptionally large timepiece. The dial displays a geometric interpretation of a cityscape punctuated by the vibrant coloured hour, minute & second hands.

Meccaniche Veloci Quattro Valvole CCM


Meccaniche Veloci have designed many striking watches including the highly successful Quattro Valvole series. These fantastic timepieces derive their name from the iconic1984 Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS Quattrovalvole. The CCM is the flagship model & boasts the claim to being the first wristwatch entirely constructed from Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes. I love the texture & colour, which is unlike any other watch available on the market. Dimensionally this imposing piece measures a staggering 50mm x 18mm making it the company’s largest creation to date. Underneath the robust case there are four separate 25 jewel Swiss made movements. This wonderful watch is limited to only 100 pieces.

Android Virtuoso Tungsten T-100


American brand Android is normally associated with a range of well-conceived affordable wristwatches. The founder & CEO Wing Liang is a prolific designer who has developed numerous fashion inspired ranges. In my opinion the Tungsten T-100 is one of the companies most stylish pieces. This timepiece also lays claim to being the first Tungsten tritium automatic chronograph in the world. Tungsten is absolutely beautiful in appearance & also has the highest melting point in metal. This makes it a very attractive choice in watch production. The timepiece measures a substantial 48mm x 18mm excluding the crown & lugs. On a practical level the watch is also water resistant to 200 meters.

U-Boat Chimera Bronze-46


I’ve always been a huge admirer of Italian watchmaker U-Boat since they first produced their range of oversized Quartz watches. Since then the designs have become considerably more sophisticated. The stylish Chimera Bronze demonstrates the company’s evolution very effectively. With measurements of 46mm x 18.10mm this is one of the brands smaller models. The case is constructed from solid Bronze, which develops a unique patina over time. I love the fact that the two superimposed dials perfectly balance each other & give the watch a refined appearance. Essentially every element of the overall composition has been well executed resulting in the production of a highly original timepiece.

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