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Masahiro Kikuno Orizuru

It is rare that someone so young becomes such an accomplished atelier. Masahiro Kikuno was born in 1983 in Hokkaido, Japan. It was his meticulous attention to detail that spurred on his passion for fine watchmaking. Every timepiece this artist creates pays homage to Japanese tradition & beauty. The Orizuru displays these qualities perfectly.


The Orizuru is still in the prototype stage although it is fully functioning. From the evidence I’ve seen so far the watch looks pretty polished & highly original. When I recently communicated with Masahiro he informed there were still a few modifications required on this model. Hopefully these adjustments will be made in the near future & this beautiful timepiece will go into production.


At 44mm × 38.4mm the Orizuru is modestly proportioned compared to many other watches available on the market. The case is crafted out of anodised aluminium alloy giving it a distinctive appearance. I’d also imagine this is a lightweight piece to wear. Aesthetically this is a sensational looking timepiece. The dial is made from Mokume-gane a mixed-metal laminate with characteristic layered patterns. This unique patina works in conjunction with minimalistic design.


The original concept of the Orizuru is derived from the ancient art of Origami. The façade consists of three round apertures displaying the time, movement & a phenomenal 3 dimensional flying crane signifying the passing of each hour. When the button on the side of the case is pressed, the crane rotates to indicate AM & PM. This entire splendour is powered by the bespoke caliber MK13. Mechanically this incredible movement is entirely made by hand without the intervention of CNC machine. The result is a remarkable 33 jewel rectangular movement comprising 272 parts.


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