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Every year Baselworld showcases a myriad of innovative designs from a broad spectrum of new & well-established brands. I’m delighted to announce that this year is no exception. On that basis I have compiled a list displaying ten exciting new models.

Meccaniche Veloci Chrono Driver


This is an exciting new release from Italian watchmaker Meccaniche Veloci. The Chrono Driver embodies the spirit & passion of the motorsport industry. The styling is sophisticated, curvaceous & refined. This sporty model is also equipped with a solid & reliable ETA 7750 movement designed for precision time keeping.

Ressence Type 3


The Type 3 is the ultimate in simplicity being devoid of any hands or crown. This phenomenal watch transmits Information via the complex mechanical movement to indications by micro-magnetic fields. Aesthetically this watch is incredibly good-looking, which is down to superb minimalistic design. Functionally the Type 3 is well equipped with Date, Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds all operated by turning the sapphire case back.

MB & F MegaWind


The new ‘MegaWind’ by MB & F is a skilfully re-engineered version of the incredible HM3. The new modifications include: a giant titanium rotor spanning the entire case & revolving aluminium cones displaying larger more legible numerals. The results are pretty astonishing & synonymous with the brands bold, distinctive identity.

Logical One Romain Gauthier


The Logical One combines the finest Swiss watchmaking techniques with 21st century micro engineering. This sublime timepiece is operated by flat chain-and-fusee style constant force system with ruby chain links. The synthetic rubies decrease friction thereby increasing efficiency. This mechanical masterpiece is entirely developed in house & employs an innovative push button winding system. The watch is available in a luxurious choice of either red gold or platinum.

The Zeitwinkel 273° Black

273° schwarz_Schräg_Slide

The 273° Black is a beautifully understated timepiece from Swiss watchmaker Zeitwinkel. The design is extremely well executed & the attention to detail is first rate. Underneath the classical façade lies an impressive bespoke mechanical movement. The Caliber ZW0103 comprises 49 jewels & delivers a formidable 72 hours of power reserve.

Konstantin Chaykin Cinema Watch


The Cinema Watch is an exquisite timepiece from exceptionally talented Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin. The watch pays homage to Eadweard Muybridge widely known for his pioneering work in photographic studies of motion and in motion picture projection. This amazing timepiece is the first watch to feature a mechanical animation complication. The animation illustrates a galloping horse visible via a small window positioned at 6:00. All this elegant styling draws inspiration from the wonderful Art Deco period.

AkriviA Saturn


Amazingly this stunning timepiece marks the company’s debut at Baselworld. The Saturn is a very accomplished watch displaying a meticulous attention to detail. It is clear that every component of the sophisticated design has been well considered. Underneath the elegant silhouette is a complex mechanical 33 jewel Tourbillon movement delivering an impressive 100-hour power reserve.

Arthur Oskar Stampfli “The Wheels of Time”


Arthur Oskar Stampfli’s “The Wheels of Time” is a unique & exciting timepiece. The innovative futuristic design is pretty radical in comparison to a lot of other watches available on the market. Aesthetically the dual revolving barrels displaying the time are completely mesmerising. All this splendour is visible through four Sapphire crystal glass windows. The company has equipped the watch with a flat motor mechanical movement delivering an impressive 40-hour power reserve.

T-1000 Gotham – Rebellion Timepieces


The T-1000 is an exceptionally striking timepiece from high end Swiss watchmaker Rebellion. This rugged muscular watch exudes testosterone & definitely asserts it authority with its futuristic good looks. An over-sized winding lever integrated into the back of the case operates the watch. Unbelievably the Gotham delivers a staggering world-record 1,000-hour power reserve.

Grönefeld One Hertz Techniek


Grönefeld have achieved a world first with this magnificent timepiece. Instead of the usual movement of the sweeping second hand the One Herzt advances at increments of exactly one second. This is all controlled by a secondary gear train & the mechanics of this complication can be viewed through the open dial. Underneath the seductive façade is a 39 jewel mechanical hand-winding movement completely developed in house. The One Hertz is limited to a mere 30 pieces.



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