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Seven Friday P1

Launched in 2012, Seven Friday is an exciting new brand focusing on true design values. Dan Neiderer the founder (majority owner) has utilized his numerous years of experience to create a stylish & unique timepiece. When I initially spoke to Dan it was clear he is very passionate & sincere about this venture. The name Seven Friday is derived from the phrase “carpe diem” or “seize the day”. Dan Neiderer definitely prescribes to the sentiment ‘try & make everyday your Friday’.


My first impression of the P1 is that it is a very distinctive looking watch. Like most bold designs it’s very subjective & ultimately won’t appeal to everyone’s taste. Personally I think it’s a fantastic looking watch with exceptionally stylized features. At 47mm x 47.6mm (excluding the crown) it’s a pretty large watch but feels very comfortable to wear. The retro TV style case is constructed from stainless steel yet doesn’t feel cumbersome. It is certainly a timepiece that could be worn for any occasion.


The dial comprises multiple layers creating a three dimensional part skeletonized complication. The core of the design centers around three rotating discs displaying hours, minutes, seconds & a GMT function. The Swiss design group Studio Divine is largely responsible for creating this. In my opinion this gives the illusion of a much more expensive watch. Seven Friday offer three models in the range the P1, P2 & P3. My preference is the P1 because I love the stainless steel finishing. In my opinion it is most complimentary to the unique design.


The company has opted to use a Miyota 82S7 21-jewel automatic movement rather than a Swiss alternative that would have bumped the price up significantly. I feel they made the right decision because ultimately they’ve created a stunning watch at an affordable price. Basically the P1 delivers what it set out to achieve. Dan Neiderer has intimated that two new Seven Friday models will be released in the latter part of 2013. Based on the results achieved with this amazing watch I’m really excited to see the fruits of his labour.


In my opinion the P1 is an awesome watch that would be a perfect addition to anyone’s collection. Also the price is a super cool: CHF 999.00 (approximately $992.00)



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